Where we blog from: Me!

I'm excited about this new feature! Every week, a favourite blogger will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the place where the magic happens: Where they blog from. But, I could hardly ask other bloggers to share something that I'm not prepared to, so here goes!

The best thing I ever did in my apartment was to move my desk in front of the window. I'm only three floors up; high enough for privacy but low enough to still feel part of what I see on the street.
The desk itself was an antiquing purchase. My favourite feature is the foot bar that lets me sit right back and put my feet up while writing. The chair is a recent addition from Stylegarage (or Gus* outside T.O.)

I prefer to keep my desk quite bare. I've got my succulents in my Pigeon Toe Ceramics pot and a used Diptyque candle as a penholder. I work mostly directly on my Mac, but my trusty moleskine is never far away. I rarely blog in silence. The TV is often on behind me, or else I'm listening to music directly from my laptop.

Here's a shot of my view. The streetcar goes across my street and, when the trees are bare, I can see straight down to the CN Tower. The empty lot across the way is an eyesore right now, but it used to be a cute park. I hope they don't build something in there and block out the light and swath of sky I've got right now. If I ever move, I'll probably pretty much recreate this work space, though I would love my view to take in more nature and colour.

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