Where we blog from: Fieldguided

My favourite blogs are those with a definite style of their own and my favourite bloggers are those who both show and tell. Anabela of Fieldguided definitely scores on both counts. She's a marvelous creator and shares her style inspiration, triumphs and frustrations with complete openness. We bloggers tend to put our best foot forward, so I really love that Anabela is brave enough to share her darker moments of self-doubt.

And she doesn't just share her life in pictures, she tells us about it in a writing style that I adore; edgy and sweet all at once. If you already read Fieldguided, you know exactly what I'm talking about!
This is where Anabela blogs from and what she has to say about it...

This is where I usually blog from: my sofa. It is the Klippan from Ikea, and I have dragged from apartment to apartment. I have draped a sheet over it because I think it looks good as a ghost. We've been living in this apartment for two months and I have yet to hang any artwork in this area! I also have some of my sewing bits and bobs around this area (the boxes under the coffee table contain embroidery floss and hoops and needles and other types of notions) because I do most of my handstitiching from here as well. So, it's a bit of a mess, it's not perfect, but it's a comfortable space.

Thanks Anabela!
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