What's your style in one picture?

I'm risking repetitiveness, but I so wanted to play along with Ally's What's Your Style in one Picture Challenge! As you know, I've been whittling down all my inspiration files trying to find 3 favourites. Each of the 3 I've chosen has some element that I would love to draw from, but if I had to choose one room out of all of them that encapsulates what I love, it would be this one:

White walls and amazing light are my fail-safe starting points. But, it's the natural texture (the floor, basket and plant) and the mismatched but perfect mix of periods (the ottoman, the Twiggy lamp, the armchair and Eames-like side chair) that make me curl my toes in delight.

And, of course, no room is complete for me without books. This one has a small collection and I've recently been thinking of breaking up my books around various rooms rather than housing them library style along a wall. I like the idea of books being strewn throughout a house, though they would still have to be colour coded - it's how I find the one I'm looking for!

Image from Fredrik Sweger
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