A poem for Wednesday

Lately, so many people seem to be struggling with plans. Planning is fun up to a point. At first, you make lists, do research, begin to visualize the idea. You work from the fantasy, then coax yourself back to something more realistic. Then the planning is done and you know there are lots of things still unanswered but they can't be answered by more planning. You need to figure them out as you go along. You just want to get going. I'm in the wanting to get going phase.

This poem is by Dick Lourie from Ghost Radio

cleaning the desk
before I cam home from the hospital
I had started planning to clean my desk—
two days after surgery dozing on
morphine I opened my eyes and wondered
how many stackable plastic letter
trays I had at home and what would be the
most practical categories for sorting
the dusty piles of mail that lay everywhere

last time I cleaned up it was a different desk
I took all the stuff off the old door balanced
on the two filing cabinets so that
Larry could build my elegant new desk:
fifty-third birthday present to myself

I also cleaned my desk when I was
forty-two Abby and I getting married
and I lugged everything to Boston from
Ithaca where I actually has
two desks big ones though I don't remember why

before that I'd had no desk for several
years—so many apartments Peekskill New Paltz
and that tiny house where Virginia and I
tried to be happy no room for desks there

in the mid-sixties cheap East Village pads
I distinctly recall just using the
kitchen table for everything of course
I cleaned my desk thoroughly when I left
college though the one at home in New Jersey
I had used all through high school just kept on
accumulating papers—I should ask
my mother whatever happened to that one

and I had a little blue desk when I
was eight but I believe it was the kind where
everything got stuffed underneath the hinged
desk top so it never needed cleaning

the question is (when you're trying to plan
something as I was lying there relaxed
and thoughtful) whether you'd be better off
reviewing the history a little—
how did you get your desks clean in the past?
why did that first marriage fail?—or just looking
ahead: suppose I have say fourteen letter trays
will them make one big stack without falling down
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