Yay it's Friday! The weather in Toronto has been utterly divine the last few days and I'm hoping it continues just so. This weekend, I'm drawing a line under the angst and exacerbation that has characterized the last couple of months. I finally have a plan and I have a timeline too. There's suddenly light at the other end!

Still, I'm not the patient kind, so I'll have to stay busy in the meantime. Though it's not very entertaining, one thing I want to do is whip my diet back into shape. I was Miss Discipline this time last year and look at me now (imagine grotesqueness). Turns out I'm no good at being good to myself when life is mean to me. Isn't that dreadful? So I've undone some of my good work. Now, back on the discipline wagon I climb!

I want the inside of my head to feel like this mosaic for the next while; fun, hopeful and cool as a cucumber.

Have a lovely weekend!

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