Book report: Oracle Night

It's been sooo long since I did a book report. This was the problem: I got stuck reading Neverland and I just couldn't continue. I'm not sure if it's me or the book. I know so many people loved it and there were so many reasons I should have loved its references. But I didn't. So, for the first time in years I gave up on a book. I needed somewhere certain to turn and Auster always delivers. I gobbled up Oracle Night in less than a week.

I'm crazy about densely layered stories and magical urban mythology. And I hate writers who pull any kind of literary gimmick just because it's clever. But, Auster's
twisty turny story-telling has way too much grace to be considered gimmicky. He balances his cleverness with a human touch, memorable characters and touching moments.. And, the icing on the cake (for me) is how he always seems to work in a Beckett reference.
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