I must be a little bit dim when it comes to reading my own body. I can be completely run down and not really piece together that there's something physically wrong. Instead, I'll self-flagellate over lack of discipline and willpower. Thankfully, I have friends who suggest helpful things and Laura mentioned that I might look into a Vitamin B supplement. And I did. And all of a sudden I'm back to silly, buoyantly happy Jane.

So, I'm heading into this weekend full of glee. And there are other things making me happy. Jen wrote lovely things about me on The Haystack Needle (read her blog, it's brilliant!) Authenticity is an important idea to me (I read too much Sartre in my 20's) so the fact that she mentioned it made me dance with joy. And I got lovely packages in the mail last night. My Toast swimsuit (which I did the dancing in) and skirt, a gorgeous Pigeon Toe tripod pot and, best of all, one Abigail's Hyacinth Froth necklace.

I hope you're feeling Friday cheerful too (if not, look into that Vitamin B!) and have a lovely, lovely weekend. Here's a pretty, pretty Friday Flickr to get you off on a good foot.

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