One of my favourite Flickr groups is Anonym, which simply features shots of "the backs of heads".

It's amazing to me how expressive and beautiful these shots are. I can begin to imagine what the person is feeling about the scene they're in without actually seeing their face.

And yet, there's a mystery. Are my assumptions projections based on the landscape and my own mood? Without seeing their eyes or mouth, I cannot really know if they're happy, pensive or sad. But does it matter what they're really feeling? Or does it matter more what I feel as I look upon them.

In a way, these shots highlight the alienation that always, necessarily exists between art and its percipient and even between people in the world; that element of the unknown and unknowable.

Image credits: 1. Untitled, 2. Magic, 3. DSC_2702, 4. reminder
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