Myself again

I'm finally feeling like my old self again. Thanks - in no small part - to all your support, e-mails, cute pictures and well-wishes.

I think it was pretty apparent last week at how distraught I was over the cancellation of my trip. Living far away from home, I constantly dread bad news coming by phone. This trip home was a chance to reset some of those worries. Right now, everybody is grand and healthy and I would see them and look in their eyes and feel reassured. It fills me with a new kind of fear to have missed that chance. Who knows when the next trip will be planned? And who knows what could happen between now and then?

But, more that being hung up on this one cancellation, I got hung up on the fact that it could happen. Shouldn't "the good life" support these kinds of fundamental needs without all this drama? I've accomplished a lot here in Toronto, but clearly there are still things missing. If my life doesn't support this very basic thing - going home to see my family and friends - I feel like it is broken. But, I'm also very, very good at fixing things that are broken. There's nothing I relish more than a new plan to hatch, a new something to sink my teeth into.

And, never fear, I'll get home soon enough.

Image from ~Solarina's Flickr
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