Herriott Grace + apple trees

I blogged about Herriott Grace before and kept returning to their Big Cartel store, seemingly always too late, after the latest additions had sold. But my stalking finally paid off and last week I nabbed one of the latest salt bowls.

And not just any salt bowl. This one is #6 (my lucky number) and Nikole's Dad turned it from an apple tree in her parent's back yard. I love that Nikole and her Dad bridge their distance with these beautiful creations. I don't have anything like that with my Dad. But, one of the things we talk about, when we talk, is the apple tree in our Dublin back garden.

I photographed that apple tree compulsively and Dad always tells me how it's getting bigger and more beautiful. He's even started photographing it too. Dads and daughters and apple trees... I'm so happy I was able to get this bowl.
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