All the gardening content that's been buzzing around lately (yes Ms Katy I'm talking to you, for one!) has left me hankering for a little garden to grow spuds, zucchini, cucumber and herbs and flowers galore on. The fact that I don't have even a smidgen of outdoor space has not stopped me from cultivating quite a list of tools and accessories with which to equip this fantasy (Haws watering cans feature prominently).

As well, I've been scouring sites like I & J Bannerman and Rachel Warne's website and cultivating a notion for the kind of garden I like. Much as I admire Anna's modular gardens (and you'd think with my love of modular homes I'd especially like them), it turns out I like a wild, mossy kind of garden, full of lush blooms. Then again, it's probably not that surprising when you think of where I come from and the gardens we have there, and also the flower arrangements I prefer.

Images 1, 3, 5 are from Rachel Warne
Images 2, 4 are from
I & J Bannerman
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