Thank you!

Thank you every one of you for your lovely, supportive e-mails and comments (AND blog posts - look what Tara did for me!) I've been sleeping a lot and vacillating between feeling terribly sad (esp. looking back at all those posts where I was clearly excited) and angry. In the end, I'll be fine of course. I am a trooper in that way. Though I think there are some feelings about this whole debacle that I'll never quite shake off... But, now, let's move on...

The current New York Review of Books has a review by J.M Coetzee of Beckett's letters. It's a long, story-telling review and, though there was nothing new to me in it, I enjoyed being pulled back into Beckett's world. I know I completely over-identify with this man. But, everything I read compounds that feeling.

BFF is going to this performance of Godot tomorrow night and I'm soooo jealous!
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