The sea, oh the sea

Whenever I go to the west coast of Ireland, I take the same route form Dublin. Once we reach Clare we always get off the N67 and take the R479 that hugs the coast around The Burren. There are two stretches of road that I get completely evangelical about and this is one of them (the other is a certain stretch of road between Banff and the Columbia Icefield in Alberta).

All I've been able to think about the last few weeks is that stretch of road. There's one beach along it, I'm pretty sure it's Fanore, that I especially love. No matter what the weather, I'm going to swim in the sea there. We'll have driven over from Dublin and it will have been more than six years since I've seen this place.

Now that I'm letting myself, I feel such a longing for it all. Of course, for Dublin and the cacophony of friends I'll see again. But, even moreso for this stretch of road and the way I always feel when I'm on it.

Do you get this way about a certain place? Where is it?

Images from Mattzart's Flickr, individual shots here and here
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