The next big thing

I was visiting Jordan's today and she had a lovely post about planning to move to Paris. I'm a big daydreamer, list-maker, planner. And like Jordan, sometimes things don't pan out. But then again, often they do. Right at this moment I don't have a "next big thing" in my sights. And I got thinking about that old post about coasting, and maybe I feel like I could more happily coast along if I had a next big thing in my distant sightline.

The rub about not wanting all the conventional things is that it isn't always obvious what the next step is. It's liberating, but at times it can be unbearably light. I could move anywhere, but I don't really want to move anymore. I could travel more, but that doesn't seem big enough.

I could plan to buy a house. Wrapped up in that would be so many things: Making a home, garden, finding a place I could build a darkroom. Or maybe it's about creating something. I've been scribbling in notebooks all my life. Writing is deep down in my bones. I've often wondered if I have a book in me. And if I think about the thing I would do if I knew I would succeed at it, it would be writing a book.

And then there's just the idea of simply living the good life, that old idea of eudaimonia, which isn't as much about doing things on a list as a way of existing.

Do you have a "next big thing" you're working towards? Do you think you need one?

Photo from Hanne::'s Flickr
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