Laying tracks

A 3-day weekend can do wonders for the soul. Waking up this morning and still having another full day of nothing stretching in front of me was the nicest feeling. I took my Moleskine to my Starbucks to do some writing. I thought I'd just scribble away as always, notes and thoughts that might make it into something else somewhere down the line, but that also may just sit there in notebooks. I wonder sometimes about what I will do with these when I'm old and grey.

But, today my scribbles turned into plans and lists. I made 1-year and 5-year plans and listed all my ultimate wishes and set steps around them. I find it hard to work towards something until I've articulated it in a way that makes it wholly possible. Otherwise I'll just wish it away but do nothing to reach it. Some of my plans will take a terribly long time, but knowing that I can reach them sometime is enough. The rest of 2009 is about laying the foundation and establishing the habits that will set it all in motion.

I feel like the spending fast has given me the freedom to think like this. It has eliminated a distraction that normally keeps my sightline oriented on the very short term. Now, I'm not so much thinking about what I'll buy with my next pay cheque, but about what the hell I'm doing in a larger sense. This is not to say that I'm never going to shop or I'm going to start to live some life of thrift or deprivation. But, rather I'm aware of the alternative and will try to constantly weigh the one up against the other.
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