I stayed up super late last night to get lots of work done and hopefully take some pressure off this weekend. I have lots of silly errands to run, luggage to find and more work to do. But, I'm hoping to relax too. The weather's supposed to be lovely and if I go into next week stressed, I'll find it hard to relax once I get away.

I've been a bit of a nutter about this whole trip home. I know it might seem weird to be afraid of going home and seeing people you're supposed to have this intimate connection with. But I'm full of butterflies. I guess it's my own fault for staying away so long. I'd probably be a better person if I wasn't such a feisty loner, but my nature was settled a long time ago.

Okay, distract me from all this navel-gazing reflection. Tell me what you're up to for the weekend and make the stories good ones!

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