Spending pause

Week 1 : So far the spending fast is easy peasy. That may be because a few pre-fast purchases arrived in the mail this week. So, I had the sense of getting new things even though I didn't buy anything this week. Still, there's a certain pleasure that comes from self-discipline that you just can't get from indulgence. Maybe I have an ascetic streak, or maybe it's just my control-freak nature, but there's something joyful that comes from saying no to oneself.

And it's not like I've stopped admiring beautiful things. Just, once the commerce component is taken away, I'm admiring them more as objects-in-themselves rather than potential purchases, which is what I always want my blog to be (I don't want people to need to buy everything I feature, I want them to feel inspired by the aesthetic more than the product).

The other upside is that I'm pausing to appreciate what I already own. I own some lovely things and sometimes I'm so focused on the next thing on the wishlist that I don't really reflect on what I actually have and how great it is.

I'm not suddenly bored or filled with frustrated lust because I'm not reaching for the wallet. My days are remarkably the same, I'm still going into stores (because I love the experience of shopping whether I buy something or not) and when I feel like I deserve a little treat or some kind, I've been turning to books or yoga or picking up my camera. In fact, I seem more relaxed!

I'm also egged on by the thought of what this little fast will give me the freedom to do. After all, having to make a certain income to sustain a certain level of expenditure is, in itself, another kind of limitation on life and the choices you can make...
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