Galway in the summer

I spent many summers in Galway when I was growing up. So, when Caroline K left a comment asking what she should pack for her summer there, I was so excited and happy for her.

First, a little temperature overview: Irish summers are mild by most standards, cool by some. Days in the summer months can be as low as 10 celsius (50 fahrenheit) and top out around 18 celsius (65 fahrenheit)... it's no wonder I'm such a wuss in Toronto's searing 30-degree summers! And you can expect rain, especially on the West Coast, where Galway is located. Layering up and wearing something wooly is the best solution to Irish damp.

That said, the Atlantic is warm on the Irish coast, thanks to the Gulf Stream, so the minute the sun cracks the sky, there'll be ice-creams, sea-swimming and the whole nine yards.

The countryside around Galway and Clare is rugged and beautiful and the Aran Islands are a must-see day trip. Some tourists go full throttle on the hiking gear when traveling in the Irish countryside, but the locals don't usually, unless they're seriously engaged in a technical sport. Although rugged, the countryside is mostly gentle, so a comfy pair of boots with good grip (for the slippery rock) should see you around.

Even for more formal dining or theatre etc, you won't need to dress uber-glamorous. A laid back summer dress will be perfect for dining and trad sessions in pubs. At some point, I highly recommend a weekend drive down to Co Clare, hugging the coast as you go. It's a beautiful stretch of road, and you could do a whole lot worse than land in Doolin town for a night!

Have a great summer Caroline!!

Image credits: Galway City in the Rain by SewerDoc, Keem Beach by Damophoto1, Aran Islands by Steven79,
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Products (bottom image): Anorak from GAP, bag from Mimi Berry, tee from J. Crew, boots from Blundstone, scarf from Boden, jeans from Toast, bracelet from Etsy seller Swedart, sunglasses from J. Crew
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