All week I didn't quite manage to recoup that lost hour. Every morning was hard and every night I got a burst of energy around midnight and couldn't sleep. This weekend, I'm hoping to find my rhythm again. Because I was tired and feeling bullied by the vacillating weather, I was awfully tempted to spree. But then I thought about what I wrote last week, and about how crappy I'd feel telling you I barely even lasted a fortnight and those thoughts strengthened my resolve.

I haven't thought much about this weekend's plans yet. I'm hoping for a quiet one, no surprises, calm weather, yoga class (I've been going a lot this week) and maybe just a little something to put the tiniest twinkle in my eyes, whatever that could be. What are you up to? Have a lovely weekend!

This is an all-Danske Flickr mosaic (because she's that amazing). Specific image credits: 1. peonyportraitcu, 2. swananddahlias, 3. frompaulette, 4. peekaboo
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