Because of my spending fast, and my fast-approaching vacation, I haven't acted upon my bedroom plan. I think, at this stage, it will turn into a Summer project.

Still, I am thinking that I might nab the Habitat bedside lights when I'm at home and rewire them over here. Should be easy, right? The most difficult part is the bed. The one I want is from Room & Board. I've even e-mailed them and asked them to open a store in Toronto. I have no shame. Beds are hard! And, what's harder is finding the perfect one at the perfect price and not being able to get it. Bah!

And for the pendant, I found these via amazing Nibs and I absolutely love them, but again I haven't been able to find something similar in Toronto (but it's not like I'm hanging around garden centres, so I might just have to look harder). I have ideas that these should be easier to find in Ireland, which no doubt means they'll be impossible to find there. Why is that always the way?!

For the sofa / armchair, I'm thinking about going in a somewhat different direction, inspired by these two photos from Interiors. Let's face it, I'm hardly going to be sitting on this sofa at all, so cushiness isn't that important. And this might be soften my distinctly laddish taste??

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