Temporary restraint

I geared up for tax season on the weekend and found myself completely angst-ridden about it. I've treated myself well this last year. Maybe even a little too well. And I'm feeling sated. When I was in the stores on the weekend, nothing jumped out in a must-have it way. But, I was at risk of buying something just out of sheer habit. And before you know it, those little purchases eat your whole pay cheque.

So, I'm implementing an 8-week program of discipline on myself. No major shopping. And also back to basics with diet and exercise too. It's such a female cliche, but these are the things I use to reward myself, especially after a long work week or a disappointment of some kind. No, I'm not becoming a recessionista (I hate that word!), I just need to enjoy simpler things for a little while and regain a little self-control.

And just to remind myself... these are some of my favourite simple things:
- Reading, blogging, writing
- Cooking, cleaning (yes, I love housework!)
- Arranging flowers (I won't stop buying my weekly flowers!)
- Making plans, setting goals, thinking forward with a clear head
- Spending time with friends
- Doing yoga (I always forget how good it makes me feel)
- Taking long strolls
- Going to theatre, shows (I have lots of pre-bought tix)
- Taking photographs (perfect timing with Spring fast approaching)

Image by Gentl & Hyers
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