I did my taxes last night. I didn't plan to, but once I got my T4 I was anxious to get things done. My "to do" list this week has been overwhelming. I go home every evening with 6 or 7 things to do after a full work day and I've been averaging about 4 of those things.

Every year, when I sit down to do taxes filled with dread, I get a pang of homesickness. At home, your employer is responsible for doing your taxes. But then, as I work through the process I actually enjoy it.

It's still quite something for me to get a tax refund, for the government to say, hey Jane, you paid enough, take something back — this is not a feature of life in Ireland.

Not, of course, that it's a perfect system here. But, I'd rather concentrate on the positive. So now I'm concentrating on the feeling of being nearly done. At least one more thing off that list.
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