Saturday & thank you!

First things first: Thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday. You're the best.

It's cold and sunny here today. I like these days — wearing sunglasses and scarves — so I walked a lot and bought sweet ranunculus and a little potted hyacinth (Abigail has been tracking the progress of her hyacinth and it's inspired me!) Then I re-potted my succulents, some of the babies had grown big enough to stand on their own.

I'm doing a little rearranging around my apartment. And I'm lashing through my do to list sitting here at my desk and letting the sunlight soak in through my eyes all the way into my brain. It's nice to feel that fully awake spring feeling, even though it's minus whatever-it-is, I feel like magnolia blossoms can't be far away now.

Here's my favourite corner of my apartment right now. The case is BFF's Dad's pistol case (or is it rifle? I don't really know my guns). Anyhow, it has a key, so I stash all my notebooks and letters in it, safe from prying eyes.
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