How was your week? Mine was up and down. I enjoyed so many of my favourite blogs this week. And then I came across one that was ripping off my content without giving credit and wondered why the hell I do this day in, day out. It was the first time I've thought that. And, of course, I know why I do this: This is content I'm truly excited to share. And when you come and leave comments and are as excited as I am about things, it makes me ridiculously happy.

We all know blogs are becoming more important in people's lives, are taking traffic from traditional media. But it takes work to blog with integrity. There are no barriers to entry, which is partly why it's such a neat little world. But I just hope that the bloggers who are doing a good job, taking time to research, create, craft their posts get more recognition, and support, than those that exclusively re-post and rip-off. I could lose my faith in what we do if I saw it going the other direction. What do you think??

My weekend's going to be busy. I've got that huge to do list to get through. But, Sunday night is the Lisa Hannigan concert so I hope to blaze through everything and then enjoy that. Here are some joyful summery images to soothe my frantic mind... I hope your weekend is a carefree one!

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