Maybe it's the turn of the season, but I suddenly felt on Sunday that there was change in the air. Well, not so much in the air, as on the inside. I've been pretty content the last year, found a kind of balance that had previously eluded me. But I've begun to feel like I'm coasting.

It's a fun coast: Work is good, I'm puttering around with my writing, I've had a few fun (but hapless) crushes... But coasting doesn't really put me on track for anything. Maybe that's okay. But, maybe I want to be on track for something? And if I do, hadn't I better get on it now? I'll be 33 in June, after all.

The hardest part for me is visualizing what my "good life" will be. In Greek philosophy there's a notion of superlative happiness called Eudaimonia. It's steady and wise happiness (as opposed to the hectic, elated kind). I just don't know what I should add to build and support that feeling in the long run.

I know I don't want some things that most other people do (e.g. babies, marriage). And I know the following things are important to me: Independence, nature, health, work, love, friendship, creativity, sense of place and art. But I'm struggling to articulate concrete steps for such abstract things. E.g. Am I happy feeling creative daily, in a more holistic way, or do I need to produce something singular and significant?

What, if anything, is missing for you? What's your good life? Are you living it?

All photos from beautiful Mirjan's Photostream and I was led there by Summer of Design is Mine
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