You all know what an epic (if ineffectual) crusher I am. So, when it comes to V-Day I am mostly drawn to those cheeky, but coy, expressions of affection, rather than the full-blown lovey coupley stuff.

Like this crushing song by Lisa Hannigan (this video makes me homesick too)

And this crushing papercut by Mister Rob (click to see it large and read)

And this aforementioned crushing card. And these notes for spontaneous declarations, though perhaps a little over-zealous (maybe a "I like you" version?)

And this movie which is steeped in crushing, also set on the streets of my hometown.

And this poem by Sam Beckett. He wrote it after meeting a girl called Betty who he said next to nothing to. Later he stopped by her hotel, asked her for coffee, maintained an incoherent conversation and handed her this poem. Her response? Shock and embarrassment. The single greatest fear of crushers everywhere...
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