Elements of my perfect room

I saw this room on Desire to Inspire earlier in the week and keep coming back to it. I found myself taking inventory of my favourite elements and how they contrast and complement each other.
(1) Cold / man-made: Concrete, shiny metal
(2) Warm / organic: The woven light, the greenery, metal with patina. And I'm not sure, but it looks like the shelf on the right is a slab of rustic timber (if not, it should be!)
(3) Dark / heavy: Black wall, dark table, tile
(4) Light / light: White wall, cupboards and reflective surfaces and, of course, natural light

I think it's really important for me that a room hit all four. I love white walls and know some people just like all lightness. But all white is too much for me, I need the weight of dark too. And looking back at a lot of my favourite rooms, I think this is what I'm constantly going for; the perfect balance of all four of these elements.

Photography by Per Magnus Persson
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