Looking forward

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I didn't always, but last year I blogged some and actually kept them all year (something about blogging and feeling accountable, I reckon). So, I'm a convert.

2009 resolutions:
1. Keep writing. It makes me happier than anything else.
2. Wear my heart on my sleeve less. A lot less.
3. See music, try new restaurants even when feeling reclusive, which I often do.
4. Save those pennies.
5. Make concerted effort to talk to people, even when feeling stupid shy. No guarantees of success on this one, but as my tennis coach used to say, God loves a trier.

And some minor notes to self:
1. Remember birthdays, send cards instead of lazy e-mails.
2. Keep dreadfully out-of-date portfolio up-to-date.
3. Do more yoga. I always feel better when I do yoga.

Things to buy:
1. A rug for my living room.
2. A new bed and a proper bed frame.
3. A new telly (I own the last CRT in the world).
4. And I actually need shoes. Seriously. It's true.

Setting myself up for success:
1. Already booked a trip home in May.
2. Bought theatre tickets for Tom Stoppard and David Mamet. Fingers crossed for some good Dublin theatre too.
3. I purged my closet on St. Stephen's Day. Love that organized feeling!

Beautiful image by Corrie Bond
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