Smithfield Horse Market

It seems surreal now, but in Dublin, it's not at all unusual for inner-city kids to own horses. There were even tales of them taking horses in the elevators of the council-building high-rises around the city and environs. Between 1995 and 1997, Perry Ogden became interested in the kids and their relationship with the horses, right when Dublin started to boom and the Smithfield Horse Markets came under public scrutiny. The debate was by no means a simple one, but the images and words of the individual kids are remarkable. More here.

"Me da started me off. He like put me on mad horses and then I stayed on a mad horse and got down to the quiet horse, and that's how I learned to jockey." - Gavin Ward

"Well me best horse was Willie and he w
as fast real fast and he was real hairy but he got sold on me when I was getting to really like him. You can't fall in love with horses cos you'll have to sell them when you're old or they'll die or something'll happen to them or they go in through a big huge swamp and they'll sink in it and they won't be able to survive in it." - David McVeigh

Another different, but also great Flickr stream here from James Horan
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