Boring, but true

Beautiful Courtney tagged me earlier this week. And I was stumped and didn't answer, but I've had my thinking cap on since then, so here goes.

(1) My only watch is the one my parents bought me when I made my first Holy Communion. It was made in the USSR and I love the numbers on it. It doesn't really keep the time though.
(2) I have a ginormous heart. Literally. My left ventricle is so big they thought I had a tumour. Unfortunately, it's not associated with any super powers.
(3) I can produce Limericks on demand. Both my parents are from Limerick, so people think it must be in the genes. I'll rattle one off on any topic in under 10 minutes. They're usually very silly.
(4) I've spent way too much time trying to figure out what Kate Bush was talking about when she sang "You're like my yo-yo / that glowed in the dark / what made you special / made you dangerous". Did she have a run-in with a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo? What could have possibly happened?

(5) Sometimes I still dream in Irish. But my favourite dreams are flying or salt-water swimming dreams. I love the sea.
(6) I don't know how to talk to strangers. Unless I don't care about them. But if you're somebody I want to meet, it's really hard for me to say hello. If Paul Auster was in the same room as me, I'd be too shy to talk to him.

I'm loathe to tag anyone, in case they don't want to be put on the spot. But if you've got this far, consider yourself tagged and leave a comment to let the rest of us know :)

P.S. - Another fabulous blogger just tagged me. Thanks to Shelley for the tag. You may remember her amazing work from this post. (I'm proudly looking at it as I type). Nonetheless, coming up with 6 boring-but-true things was difficult enough. I haven't got 12 more in me! I'll still take the award though and pass it along to everybody whose blog I've ever commented on. Because you must be fabulous or I would never have commented (I'm very discerning, don't you know!)
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