Book report: My Top 6

I'm doing more writing than reading these days, so I won't have much of a book report any time soon. However, since books are among my favourite things to give and receive I thought I'd share my Top 6 (because 6 is a nicer number than 5).

1. Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
I often fail to identify with female characters in books, but both Teresa and Sabina made an deep impression on me. This book is so much more than a love story. It has philosop
hy, romance, politics, examines our relationship with place and animals, misogyny, misandry and loss. But it's also a love story.

2. The Moon & Sixpence by W. Somerset-Maugham
A vividly funny and moving account of genius and authenticity.

3. Any Human Heart by William Boyd
This book made me cry.

4. Ghostwritten by David Mitchell
That this was Mitchell's first novel wrecks my head. His stories that are simultaneously simple and mystical. I was also really tempted to put Cloud Atlas. He just dazzles me.

5. New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
Am I cheating by sneaking in a Trilogy? Perhaps. My love of Paul Auster has been well documented here. I love writing that's densely layered. It always leaves me with that soaring sense to know I haven't pinned everything down neatly in one reading.

6. Damned to Fame by James Knowlson

I'm not including any Beckett on the list (I think I've flogged that dead horse enough here. Suffice to say everybody should see a good production of Godot and Krapp in person or on film - try these). I read this biography for research during my MA, but it's one of the most thumbed books on my shelves. I sneaked this book into the design of my portfolio too, for the more astute observer.
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