Mini museum of me

Yesterday, I rehung all my pictures! Here are the results, which more or less gives you a 360 of my living room. I couldn't bring myself to fluff, felt too phony, so 'scuse the dying flowers and lumpy looking sofa (which is lumpy because I love it a little too much).

When I look over from my desk I see the John Derian eye staring back at me. But not in a creepy way. I think I need a rug, but I find it hard to decide upon one and love the ease of keeping my floors clean. Oh, and I want a Bertoia chair for my desk.

For those interested (lots of good Etsy stuff in here), the art in the top & middle image is: Horsing Around by Alice Olive, Winter Pattern by Alice Olive, Ornament Print by Abigail Percy, Eye by John Derian, letter from Alex Colville, Horsemen in a Forest by Moses Reinblatt, pair of antique Dublin etchings (Trinity & Howth) by T. Cadell Jr. and W. Davies
, Shadow Hands from Alyson Fox, Central Park March 6th 1890 by Oh My Cavalier; On tray table: Where She Is by Oiseux Noir; In the bottom image is the ubiquitous For Like Ever from Village, which I still love dearly...
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