Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. And if today's weather is anything to go by, it will be a perfect weekend for moseying around and doing not one iota of anything resembling work.

I was feeling all romantic this evening and went for a walk, kicking leaves about and marveling at the colour of conkers (I'm pretty sure people don't call them conkers here, but we do in Ireland). On the way home, I bought a big bag of red pears and had two for dinner.
I really do wish autumn could last forever.

I'm thankful for all thes
e simple pleasures and for my seeming streak of happy accidents. For living in Toronto, a city I love more and more. And, very much, for you, who read all my ill sayings and seeings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Images: 1. autumn descending, 2. Red Pears, 3. In France they don't play Conkers, 4. Toronto Autumn
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