What do you talk about when you talk about blogging? Lately, I've been asked about what I do, both for a living and for fun. And I hate that question. Even though I love what I do, which I always describe as "writing", I've been stumped for a way to describe it in a way that conveys its depth.

Sure we blog about pretty things. But I think there's more to it than the prettiness. I truly believe that the meaning is only imbued into these things when they're built around a character. A home around a person, a dress around a certain woman on a certain night. Sure, the dress might be great. But it's the implied story that's transporting.

I just don't know how to say all that in a neat answer. But if you leave it out, what we do, what we write and blog about, starts to sound like pure materialism. And I'm not saying I'm not a materialist. But I'm not one of those LVMH Holts hags just in it for the conspicuous consumption.

I need to get better at doing my own PR. I get all knotted up and worry I just sound like a hokey girl. How can I express the ineffable in one medium and be so useless and dull in another?
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