I'm so glad it's Friday! I didn't find a rhythm this week at all until today. Most weeks have a momentum. Even if they drag, there's an clear arc to the week. But this one was an amorphous blob. The office was conspicuously empty and it left me with a feeling of just floating. But today was perfect and funny and beautiful.

Here's what I'm up to this weekend
- Scanning pictures (I'm addicted at the moment)
- Shooting pictures (I got my scavenger list and hope to start knocking things off it)
- Buying theatre tickets (my fave Company Theatre has a new play, I'm going to go twice!)
- Belated birthday celebrations with Candace at the Hyatt or Four Seasons
- Shopping! It never stops, or I never do!
- Writing, writing, writing: Work, freelance work, blog, work e-mails, fun e-mails, random thoughts I hope some day magically come together to form my magnum opus...
- Reading, reading, reading: I'm on the last 30 pages of my current read. I've got a stack of magazines and blogs to catch up on and signs, lists and other scraps of paper to take note of
- Enjoying perfect Fall days when you can wear your fave scarves, but you really don't have to.. they're still just ornamental
- Drinking coffee, watching movies, sleeping in, perusing paint, watering plants, buying flowers, cleaning house, pampering bath-times, gallivanting downtown...

Have a grand weekend!

Image from my Flickr
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