Tuesday fun!

I have all this week off work! Today I took myself off to Cat Tilt, a new store just off Queen St (on Walnut). If you're not a Torontonian, you may not understand the grapple hold Lululemon has on the women of this town. It's insane. Lovely Alison (Cat Tilt owner, shown here) hopes to shake up the mix, with a selection of interesting labels that are not too hardcore athletic but very cozy-soft and very, very cute. And as if that wasn't enough, she's put my favourite light in the store...

Next door is Tealish who sell an astonishing selection of teas, including lemon meringue pie (yes I bought it, even though I'm slightly scared of it) and much more deliciousness. Unfortunately, my sense of smell died after five teas so I'll have to go back again. There will need to be an entire system and checklist to get through this store.

Around the corner on Queen is my the Japanese Paper Place. I always buy scraps here (good for making pretty paper cranes) and bought the large piece you see here for a little DIY I'll show you later.

I lunched at my favourite Le Gourmand.

Then I flitted down to Henry's to magically spend $100 on camera film. Which is all I have in my fridge right now. So out I go to dinner. My desk arrives tomorrow! Wheeeh!!!
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