Friday fun

I've been sucked into a handful of "personality test" type quizzes lately. Occasionally, these can be enlightening. Oftentimes, you're left with the feeling that you're being square-pegged into a round hole. I know these are meant to be more fun than science, but I started wondering if I did a bunch would the results add up to come close to me. And, yes, I'm mostly being flippant. But also, a little curious. Maybe my choice of quizzes says as much about me as the results themselves...

(1) Decorating personality (from here)
Result: City chic: Your home is a serene and elegant haven displaying some beautiful pieces of furniture. You take real trouble putting a room together and are rightly proud of the overall classic look you have created. Such interiors may have that effortless look but they take time to evolve and require a discerning eye to achieve that welcoming look of lived-in grandeur.

(2) If you were an artist (from here)
Result: Expressionist: Like the expressionists, you probably understand that getting in touch with your feelings means really getting in touch with your feelings. You aren't afraid to scream when you feel like you're not being heard or cry when your feelings have been hurt. On the other hand, you are probably also the first to get excited about a great new project or express joy when something fabulous happens.

(3) Reading personality (from here)
Well-rounded: Your responses showed you fitting equally into all four reading personalities: Involved Reader, Exacting Reader, Serial Reader, Eclectic Reader.

(4) My mythical creature (from here)
Result: Pegasus: Pegasus types are theorists who aim to achieve in reality what they conceive with the mind. They are perfectionists who strive to produce order from what they regard as the chaos around them. They detest disorder and ugliness and have a particular flair for creating beautiful surroundings in which to live. They can be highly original and possibly eccentric. They are curious and open-minded but will require convincing evidence to back up ideas. They show exceptional organizational ability. Although they are among the least outgoing of the types they are very concerned with promoting social harmony. Their ability to be objective and impartial makes them popular as fair-minded arbiters of disputes. They are extremely independent and can seem emotionally distant.

(5) Colour personality (from here)
Result: Shades of Pale: A delicious, appealing environment is achieved using these light hues and tints. They are soft, relaxing colors that are also inviting and calming. The person who desires this palette chooses a pale wall color with confidence and not by default. They prefer versatility and modernity. Their belongings have importance and will be prominent in the decorating scheme.

(6) Jane Austen heroine (from back here)
Result: Elizabeth Bennett

(7) What's your trademark style (from here)
Result: Classic: From the basic twinsets and trousers to a classic little black dress and pearls, your wardrobe echoes the sophisticated simple-chic look made iconic by admirable dressers like Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn. Your whole look is about timeless, effortless elegance in the vein of Nan Kempner.

Does this sound like me? Spot on? Hit and miss? What about you?
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