Don Freeman

Of any magazine, the one that I find the most relateable and ultimately inspiring is World of Interiors. Which is odd since it mostly features very, very grand homes the likes of which I don't reside in. But it's the patina and imperfection, the lack of perfect polish, that makes me feel - literally and inspirationally - at home. When I'm feeling malcontent with everything I have and its un-put-togetherness, this magazine always soothes my angst.

One of the photographers who has captured some of these amazing interiors is Don Freeman (the Montauk home feature in the August 2008 won my instant love). His portfolio is equally amazing. I had a massively hard time limiting my choices to these pictures.

n the fall of 2008, Rizzoli will publish Don's new book, a culmination of 20 years of collaboration with jewelry designer Ted Muehling, who I similarly cannot get enough of. Plus, Don's working on his first short film, shot 19 years ago during the time he lived in Paris. A busy and exciting time. I can't wait to see the fruits of his labour!

Note: All images posted with the consent of Don Freeman.

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