Tempus Fugit

I thought I wasn't ready for Fall fashion. Then today, I got a Christmas PR package and writing assignment. I'm officially confused about what year it is, never mind which season. The worst part is, I fear, that the time between now and then will fly without my noticing much. By nature, I have a hard time staying grounded in the present. My work is future-deadline oriented. And, of course, I'm a ridiculous and obsessive planner and list-maker and that always puts me thinking ahead.

Schopenhauer had a theory that we break free of the shackles of Will when we have an aesthetic experience. That moment when you're reading a book and can't put it down, or staring at an artwork and lose your sense of time and even space. I love that feeling. Some people find it's transporting, but I feel like it's the one time I become grounded and stop floating hither and thither.

I probably seem more reflective than usual this week. Change is definitely in the air here. And I'm still kind of beat from my decorating/renovating projects, not yet ready to tackle something new. When I sit still for a moment, I have a tendency to become pensive.

Images by Sharon Okun, a favourite, available from the Ingram Gallery
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