Rainy Sunday

Today it rained. I mostly stayed in and did some writing. Also, I scanned some pictures from a Dublin Sunday when Mum & I drove out to Skerries, a fishing village in North County Dublin. I wanted to take pictures of the fishing trawlers and Mum walked the pier ahead of me while I did so.

My shooting caught the attention of two boys aboard the trawlers. I don't know if they were brothers or friends, I assumed their Dads were fishermen. They were quintessential Dublin kids, brazen but endearing, astonishingly quick-witted. They hopped from boat to boat heckling to get in the photographs and eventually asked me to snap them, which I did.

I should have taken their address and sent them the picture, but I didn't. I love this moment of friendship, the funny way they put their arms around each other, their complete openness.
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