I took yesterday off work and blitzed my kitchen and it's basically done. I've got a few final things to buy, but the kitchen is back in use and it feels soooo good to be in it. Tiny as it is, it was a huge downer on my whole apartment. I'd show you before & after but BFF has my camera... soon I promise.

So, I'm feeling normal again. No inklings to take on another DIY project for the rest of the summer. I'm going to work and shop and eat and drink! It's either a mild summer or I'm becoming more resilient, because the sun & smog isn't getting to me as much. Usually I find it oppressive and hate being outside.

And my long-time friend Helena is coming from Scotland in 2 weeks, so I'm looking forward to that too! I'm feeling mellow and happy, there's a party upstairs and people are in cheerful high-spirits. I'm chomping through some freelance work so I can take tomorrow completely off. Bliss. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

The gorgeous image is by Patryce Bak
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