Decor plans

You know that clarity that comes when you clean out a drawer or closet that you'd long avoided? It's an addictive feeling. All of a sudden it's followed by a month of purging. Last night I forced the same discipline on my virtual self. Sometimes I can feel like an out-of-control wishlist, always chasing after a gazillion expensive objects. So, I sat down and forced myself to make some choices, sacrifices and hone what I really want the most.

The good thing about this for me is that it makes me think realistically about budget. And that stops me being the excessive snob I'm easily inclined to be. So, yes, the Expedit is back, abetted by the fact I couldn't find bookshelves I love other than built-ins. And when I took pictures and did floorplans, the (palest) Henley made more sense than the sisal, but in a smaller size than I previously thought I'd want.

Have I mentioned I love Icovia? I'm going to do the same thing for my bedroom tomorrow.
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