Central Park March 6th 1890

A little somethin-somethin from Etsy always fills me with glee. It's like buying books; a purchase I never feel guilty about. Because I feel good about who the money goes to and what those people do. Today, this jumped out at me. BFF moves to New York this Sunday, so it's apropos in a way.

From Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier: "This drawing was inspired by the story of Eugene Schieffelin, the man who tried to introduce all the birds mentioned in the plays of Shakespeare into the Americas. On March 6th 1890 he released a few cages of starlings into Central Park, and now starlings are among the most common birds in the US. I always liked the strangeness of this story and image of a fancy 19th century man releasing cages of birds in a snowy landscape."

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