Let me eat cake!

Just today. After all, it's my birthday.

Random thoughts:
- It’s mid-way through the year and it’s my birthday. I’m 32. In July, I’ll have lived in Toronto for 5 years. I’ve worn the same fragrance for 12 years.
- My BFF is moving to NYC at the end of July. When I moved here he was the only person I knew. It (I) wasn't always easy but he's the best.
I started 2008 with six resolutions and so far, so good.
- Blogging is perfect for me. I love that people I don't even know about read this. I wonder about you all the time. One time Google Analytics told me somebody from Chanel was reading. I thought, it could be Karl. Hi Karl! But even if it wasn't, that's still cool.
- Every morning I drink out of this Emma Bridgewater mug. I usually check e-mails, look at blogs, get dressed while I do this. Living alone in a small space lets you wander room to room in a special way.
- Two things I wish: That I had more room for animals in my life and that I were happier having my photograph taken because I feel like I'll regret not having photos to look at when I'm old and grey and full of sleep.
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