My chairs are finally here and I'm delighted with the results. Lisa-Jo of Princess Perfect did a stellar job and was a treasure to deal with. The Saarinen was covered in a smelly old woolly brown and orange concoction (pardon the crappy before, shot it with my BB). The new fabric is a periwinkle blue velvet. It's blue-grey in most light...

For the second chair (which is no name Danish and cost a mere $140) I decided to get in the same fabric. I want to hug this chair it's so cute... They're both in the same room and, since I have another mismatched patterned armchair there too, I thought I would bring some unity to this motley collection by matching the fabric colours.

Suddenly, I feel like I'm super-super close to being done. Here's the (unstyled) view so far:

Still to get:
- Table (the current one is out of view but it's in front of the window, behind the Saarinen chair)
: I'm again leaning towards the tulip, but a 35"
- Pair of chairs to go with table: Either Eames molded or Bertoia or perhaps Panton
- Rug: No decision on that yet, looking at this picture, I'm leaning towards the boring Henley. Thoughts?
- Bigger bookshelf (also out of view, behind the camera): More on that in another post...
- Bits n' bobs over time (side table, lamps, can't-resist-purchases)

P.S. - Miss Olive, notice anything?
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