Family photos

Chelsea posted some amazing photos of her grandmother today. She's so glamourous! Just beautiful.

I don't have many of old family photos with me here (they're strewn throughout the family back home). And Dad's side weren't good archivists at all - I think it's from the Flanagans I inherited my hatred of having my photo taken. But, this one is of Mum. It's striking to me that this photo is probably younger than Chelsea's but looks so much more antique. She seems to have the photographer sussed. I think she might wallop him with that mirror she's holding...

It's also fun to line up our Holy Communion photographs. Look at the good Irish Catholics! When my sister and I were communioned (is that a word?) Mum took us back to the same photographer she was taken to for her communion, whose son was then running the business. You can see he used the same backdrop as his Dad. Mum (L) and Grainne (C) are nearly identical. I more closely resemble Dad.

The same photographer also took the only picture of me that I wholeheartedly love. Mum was standing behind him playing with a puppet that I desperately wanted.
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