Bookshelf dilemma

I've gradually been purging all my IKEA large pieces. The tulip will replace the last piece I own. It's not that I hate IKEA, it was a great solution when I first moved here and had to set up fast. But, I do tend to notice the flaws, irregularities, wobbliness etc. that develops over time. And these details drive me insane. I think IKEA photographs well, but in my experience, it doesn't live well.

Above is my current bookshelf set-up (don't worry I got rid of those lamps yonks ago). I had these shelves made locally and painted them with Farrow & Ball "Pale Powder". The problem is storage space. I have stacks of books that aren't accommodated. And, because I'm a huge bibliophile, I want room to grow. The affordable solution is something like the Expedit from IKEA (which shows beautifully in this Domino shot).

Much as I'm loathe to go back, the other options are so permanent and expensive. The Expedit is something I'd happily leave behind at any point. Ultimately, I want built-ins like those rooms from this post I did on writer's rooms... But that's not a decision a renter can justify making. One final point for the Expedit: The white will create a balance with the tulip table and the pair of chairs that go with it. Thoughts?
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