I'm getting sick of my own indecision. After I posted the Expedit post yesterday I started to feel really agitated. The last 3 years, I've been obsessed with purging IKEA (hangers excepted) from my place. And yet I'd consider allowing a bookshelf in. If it's upsetting me now, imagine how I'd feel staring at it. So, I'm back to the drawing board on bookshelves.

Rugs, however, I'm decided upon. It's gonna be sisal. I love the texture. I love something natural and, to boot, it's an eco-choice. I want to investigate more, but I'm thinking it might be more fun & better value to get some sisal carpet edged rather than buying a PB rug. Belgian sisal seems to be the best, but I haven't an iota why... I'd also like a greyer tone than the honey-hue you see everywhere. Ooooh, wouldn't a herringbone be fun too? Or a chevron? (All images from here).

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