Rug options

I've been vacillating about rug choices since I moved into my place four years ago. My floors are nice so it's been an easy thing to put off, but as I've struck so many things off my need & wishlist, it's become obvious that the place will never really be done without one in the living room. At one point or another, these are the ones I've considered (in ascending order).

(1) A natural fibre rug from PB. I've love the texture and they're af
fordable. But I've never walked on one... Are they prickly?

(2) The Stockholm from IKEA. I hated it up close, but will probably look at it again next time I'm there. Oh, and I hate IKEA. I really do. I've tried to be all cool and say, yeah it's good for high n' low mixing. But, for the most part, I long to replace anything I've bought there...

(3) The Henley. A PB classic: Neutral, inoffensive, versatile and... well... boring

(4) Madeline Weinrib cotton rug. More expensive but not uber-unaffordable. If the rug is the last finishing touch, this might be do-able, but I'm not comfortable buying it when I still need some pieces of furniture...

(5) W Studio rugs. Toronto's equivalent of The Rug Company, I love browsing this site, walking by their store, generally putting myself in the vicinity of these rugs as often as possible, hoping one gets caught on my shoe and ends up at home with me.

I'm leaning towards (1) or (4). Thoughts? Other suggestions?
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