Material dreams

I always was a dark wood girl. Everything in the family home is mahogany or rosewood and I loved the rich classic look of those dark pieces. But these days I can't get white oak off my mind. I love the subtler grain, the airy richness, the more omnipresent sense of the timber. I believe it started with that kitchen which I fell so hard for.

I think white oak would sit beautifully next to the Martha Sturdy resin piece I also want. As a third material next to the white oak and resin, I'm leaning towards clean-lined pieces lacquered in off-white for some sparkle and glamour.

Of course, I cannot resist thinking beyond the furniture. For walls, I think a natural wallpaper would add amazing texture and warmth. And for floors, I'm smitten with polished concrete combined with this chevron (as opposed to herringbone) white bleached oak.

And, in the dream, all this sits in perfect contrast to the period features of a small, but perfectly proportioned Victorian charmer... Okay, back to earth. Even without that perfect house, the furniture I'm lusting after adds up to a hefty shopping list, so it will be gradual, but I'll get there... The Martha Sturdy coffee table will, I hope, be my next large purchase...
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